Carrot & Green Apple Salad

This simple salad is nutritious, filling and extremely easy to prepare. I often prepare this as my husband relishes and enjoys it. 

Prep Time: 15 mins 
Total Time: 5 mins 
Yield: ½ cup 
Serves: 2 Adults
Category: Salad 
Cuisine: Thai


Green Apples - 3
Carrots - 2
Fresh lemon - 1/2
Honey - 5 teaspoons
Extra-virgin olive oil - 2 teaspoons
Walnuts - 4
Salt - As needed
Pepper - As needed

Peel the skin of carrots and grate itPeel the skin of green apples and chop them into thin vertical slicesToast and chop walnutsSqueeze filtered lemon juice without the seedsMethod
In a bowl, mix thinly sliced green apple and grated carrotsAdd chopped walnuts to this mixtureSeason with salt & pepperDrizzle the mixture with olive oil, honey, lemon juice in this orderNotes

Storage suggestion: 
This salad is best served immediately, but will remain intact upto 8 hours. If refrigerated, this would be good for 1-2 days

Change it up:
Feel free to play around with the nuts and seasoning used in this rec…